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Larragana Street, No. 3 in the industrial area of Betoño in Vitoria (Alava)

Phone: 945-285447

Fax: 945-277517


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Materials used in our disks

You can get our products directly from factory personally addressing this address or contact by phone / fax, or via the contact form by Clicking on the "CONTACT". You can also find them in specialty stores and department stores


Brown corundum
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Artificial product obtained at a temperature of 2,300 ° C for melting alumina.

PROPERTIES Purity: 96% Color: Brown

Appearance: Grain

Shape: Spherical

Hardness: 9 Mohs

Black silicon carbide
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Silicon carbide, also calledcarborundum (SiC) is a 1:1 estequiomería covalent carbide and having a diamond structure, despite the different size of C and Si, which may prevent it. It is almost as hard as diamond.

Is a compound solid alloy can be referred to, and based on that of the host structure (C diamond shape) thereof is changed by atoms of silicon atoms, provided that the hole that is left is similar to the size of atom will occupy it.


Zirconium corundum
corindon de zirconio


It is an abrasive grain on the basis of alpha-Al2 O3 and ZrO2 with a content of titanium compounds in the form of suboxides, carbides and / or oxycarbides, thin, sharp, crisp and not very durable. Mainly used for sanding solid and tough materials such as glass, cast iron, stone, marble, lacquer, ceramic, titanium, rubber, plastic, fiberglass, etc.


Welcome to our company 
Welcome to the website ofAbrasives FLEXSTON, SL, where you can obtain detailed information about our range of abrasive products manufactured in house.

All products manufacturedFlexston Abrasives, SL.,Are approved by the German Institute for QualityDSA. Discs, grinding wheels, skid strips special products undergo exhaustive testing for performance, quality and breakage.

Therefore, since May 1981, when we started our business activity, the items offered Flexston Abrasives, SL. Guarantee perfect operation and durability, providing optimal results that will satisfy all your needs.